Hi there.

You’ve reached the online home of Jeff Miller.

Jeff is an author originally from Kent, Ohio.
He is also partially colorblind, a decent swimmer, a little brother, and a person who currently lives in Chicago, Illinois – a magical land full of artists and cheese.

He is the author of The Nerdy Dozen series, published by the lovely folks at HarperCollins.

Jeff has been writing since the 5th grade, where he penned his first book.
It was about a dog that enjoyed skateboarding on top of cars. Chances are pretty good it was called ‘The Dog Who Enjoyed Skateboarding On Cars.’

In high school he wrote for his school’s newspaper, where he wrote humor columns and articles and blogs very few people read.

In college at the University of Cincinnati, Jeff continued newspaper writing. A fella named Al made sure Jeff didn’t stop writing.
He wrote about sports, entertainment, and was a weekly columnist. Really, though, he was just doing his best to make people laugh.

After college, Jeff did lots of things. He was a summer camp counselor, a professional cactus-cutter, and lead volunteers building houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

He likes writing books best, though.

He lives and performs in Chicago as a small part of the live-lit storytelling scene. He gets to tell stories about his friends, swimming in lakes as a child, and what happens when you don’t bring enough water on a hike.

Contact Jeff at [email protected].

Even if you just want to write to say ‘hi,’ he’d love to hear from you. Really.