Ahoy hoy, dear readers.
What’s the good word?

Today mine is ‘donuts.’
I’m doing some writing at one of my favorite spots, Dinkel’s. It’s a bakery in Chicago that’s been around for a pretty long time. They have great pastries and a refreshing lack of internet.
Being a writer, I’ve found, is all about tricking one’s tiny goblin brain into doing actual work.
Going someplace without Facebarn/videos of people falling down really helps.

The people of Dinkel’s are great, too, and always interested in what I’m writing. Mainly because they probably assumed I was a crazy person at first.

My favorite member of the staff once calmly walked up to me and politely asked “Man, I gotta ask, what do you do here?”
I laughed and explained the book I was writing.
He exclaimed that it was awesome, and he was glad they could help make The Nerdy Dozen series happen.

Books are only made possible from lots of help from really great people. This includes editors, designers, and (especially) the person in charge of your donuts. It’s good to not forget that.

Now, back to the writing. And another old-fashioned!