Ahoy hoy, babies!
Guess who’s got a book birthday tomorrow?

This guy!

And probably plenty of other authors that are all amazing, but I’m excited to see my most favorite of NERDY DOZEN adventures in the hands of readers.

Check it out here

I hope readers young and old can find something to laugh about in my new book.
My goal with writing is to remind people that positivity is a choice, but it is one worth making.
And I know that it’s hard to do that. Believe me.

I find myself constantly at battle with having a negative or cynical outlook, but I like writing characters that help remind me that being positive is important.
I also just like writing characters as wacky as Neil Andertol.
He and the rest of THE NERDY DOZEN have come a long, long way.

In their third adventure, they take on the high seas to save every shark from a madwoman.

After growing up on a lake – always in some kind of boat or smelling of some kind of fish/seaweed combination – writing this third installment was like a dream come true. All the pirate adventures I imagined on a freshwater Ohio lake were basically research. A childhood of sandy swimsuits and puckered, raisin-shaped fingers prepared me for 20,000 NERDS UNDER THE SEA.

I’ve hopefully created a middle-grade video game action-adventure, with a bit of a conservationist tilt. Perhaps I can become the John Muir of stories containing poop jokes.

In my third book I was even able to make a reference to Asian Carp.

Now, I’m a man who tries not to hate anyone or anything – but let it be known I hate Asian Carp. Hate hate hate.
They’re basically a fish that eats anything and everything, originally brought to the States to clean fish tanks. Well, if you’ve read or seen ‘Jurassic Park’ you know what happens next. Life has now found a way, and that way is carp destroying the eco-system of the Great Lakes.
All those walleye, my babies!

Efforts are in place to stop them, though, including the creation of a position called ‘Carp Czar.’
Now if I had to choose another profession other than writing, that’s it. I think I would make a terrific Carp Czar.
A just, steadfast and ruthless Carp Czar, really.

My first move would be contracting my friend Evan, who I think would have some real ‘out of the box’ thinking in terms of freelance carp removal.
As Carp Czar my second action would be getting a really sweet hat.

Who knows, maybe being an Author/Carp Czar can still happen.
An author can dream, right?

Anyways, tomorrow is the birth of third book baby. And speaking as a third child, I can assure you this book will always have to sit in the middle of the car’s back seat, but it will also have very lax curfew rules as a teen.

It’s my favorite of THE NERDY DOZEN books, and I’m truly excited to see what readers think.

More tomorrow!