Well then, babies, it’s been a minute!

How has your summer been? Sprinklers? Ice creams? Swimming holes? Watching blockbusters about extinct species in air conditioned caverns?
Whatever you’ve done, I hope it’s been an enjoyable time.
‘How’s your summer, Jeff?’, one or two of you are might be wondering aloud in a crowded internet cafe?
Well I’ll tell you – not half bad.

I moved to a new part of town.

I performed in a fancy museum on the campus of a prestigious university.
(Inside these hallowed quarters I made jokes about Tom Hanks and films about mermaids. We shall see about an invitation for a return!)

I went camping in the Porcupine Mountains. The state park that shares the mountainous namesake is right on the shores of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
As far as peninsulas go, it’s a pretty beautiful one.

Here is picture of an author gasping for air on a hike:


We’ve still got plenty of summer left, too, babies. I’m hoping to have a few more adventures to share. Until then!