Happy Thursday, dear readers of this blog – all one of you? Two of you? Maybe you’re an alien species reading this in the future?
At any rate, thanks to all of you – and your seven-eyed king, as always, has my allegiance.

I’m trying my best to keep accountable on blog posts, on topics book and otherwise. I’m thinking I might even post a few pieces I’ve read around town. Only the good ones, though.

But as for today, a random writing post.

This weekend is the Chicago Air Show. It is a huge aircraft demonstration that takes place on the chilly shore of Lake Michigan. This means that today, Blue Angels are making passes over the beer-and-cheese-soaked metropolis I call home. It’s real loud. There are formations.
There are wide turns.
There are low-flying passings-by.
I just went for a jog and felt like Jeremy freaking Renner.

This Air Show is every year, and it reminded me of one from years past.
I was working a crummy coupon job, and stepped outside to speak with my editor at the time. It was the beginning stages of THE NERDY DOZEN, and we talked about our jet-flying characters as actual jets roared all around me.
It was pretty cool.
Now I’m waiting for Book 3 of the series to release in December, which is also pretty cool. Would I have believed that if you’d told me that that day, as I paced outside a corporate office building on my lunch break?
Who knows.
But sometimes the universe offers some noisy reminders to help appreciate the journey.
(Also I bet lots of dogs really hate this weekend. And they only get to see The Grey Angels! Sorry, dogs.)